Texarkana IT provides many products and services to help your business excel in the digital world. We provide technical solutions to any IT problem--no matter the size.

Specializing in network security, Texarkana IT deploys powerful security hardware manufactured by a leader in the industry, Sophos. When properly configured, a Sophos UTM can protect your network from nearly any threat, providing a 99% proof barrier between your network and anything that might wish to cause your important business data harm.

In addition to network security we also provide service--and replacements--for servers, computers, switches, routers, printers, fax machines, phones, et cetera. If it plugs into an outlet, we probably support it!

We can also provide you with your own business email--so you can stop using gmail and look more professional! This domain name can also be used for a website of your very own, should you want one.

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